Product FAQs

WonderISO FAQs


Registration Failed

After you got the license key, you can directly copy and paste it to the register box in the program, make sure your network is connected while registering as our server will verify your registration online. If you failed to register, first, you need to check your email and license key, and your network.


USB or CD/DVD Not Bootable After Burning

If your created USB or DVD/CD won't be boot from your Windows or Mac computer, plase check as following.

  • You need to confirm if you've set the USB or DVD/CD as the first boot order in the BIOS.
  • For the Windows 10 ISO, try to burn with UEFI option not MBR.
  • Try to disable Secure option in the BIOS.
  • Change another ISO image file
  • Change a new USB flash drive or DVD/CD and try to burn again.


USB Not Detected

If your USB flash or DVD/CD won't be recognized by program, please try to format your drive manually, insert another Port or change a new USB or DVD/CD.