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SYSGeeker is fully committed to protect every single user’s privacy. We take the privacy of our audience very seriously with zero tolerance policy. Kindly, Read the online Privacy and TOS statements below containing all the information and the rights to reserve anything remotely related to the SYSGeeker website and the services it provides that you may use. The online privacy statement briefly covers the entire data collection from users by SYSGeeker through the website, services as well as any of its offline products that you may be using. However, it does not apply to the websites or products are not directly linked with this website. All the other products or services that are linked with this website has their own privacy policies that you may go through by following their website, products and services.


Collection of Your Personal Information

Whenever you purchase or sign up to SYSGeeker services, the first thing we will be required is the e-mail in order to log in. After you purchase a product from SYSGeeker, we will be saving your purchase information such as your name and e-mail address into our users database. We may also collect the data and information about your visit in this website, including which pages you have browsed, clicked and also the actions taken in the SYSGeeker website during the process. We may also collect certain standard data such as your IP address, browser client and the language along with the visit and stay time and if you are visiting any other website through SYSGeeker. This data are collected to give you a better user information so that you can be informed properly about this website, product and service. We may also supplement any information that we have collected with the data received from the other companies as well. For instance, we may use information from the other companies that allows us to give a better geographic information based on our IP address which further helps to customize some certain services to your geographic area only.



Use of Your Personal Information

SYSGeeker collects all the personal information from users to improve and better its website and services to deliver a satisfactory user experience during the transactional process that you may have requested. These information further allows us to provide you effective and convenient user experience by making the website performance efficient and showing the results that are only desirable to the audience. We also use the personal data to connect with you. Moreover, we may send certain helpful welcome letters, ,billing reminders, any technical related issues as well as latest announcements for your benefits.


Sharing of Your Personal Information

All the sensitive information has been shared with you, besides that, we assure you that we will never disclose any of your personal data outside our SYSGeeker website and its sub-owned subsidiaries and affiliates without your permission. Some SYSGeeker website allows you to choose if you wish to share personal information with SYSGeeker along with their partners so they can send you promotional products, services and other deals for your benefit. The other websites do not disclose your personal data with any other third parties without your permission. However, if you allow them then they could send you marketing offers and it will be solely your choice in order to receive any promotional information from SYSGeeker in behalf of other companies. Although, it is assured that your personal details won’t be shared with any other individual or organization that are not directly related to SYSGeeker. We sometime hire other convenient companies to provide other limited services on our behalf like maintaining the emails and their deliveries, providing effective customer support, web hosting, performing transactions or collecting any static or dynamic user performance analysis of our services.


Security of Your Personal Information

SYSGeeker is fully committed protecting the security of your personal data and information whatsoever. We use various powerful security software and technologies to protect your personal data from any unauthorized access, use or data leakage. For instance, we store all the personal information provided by you in a high secured computer system that has limited access and controlled with special facilities only. When we process highly confidential details like credit card number, password, cvv etc. over the internet then we protect it through the user of encryption and use the standard SSL protocol which stands for Secure Socket Layer. Whenever a password is used to secure your personal account and information, it is also your responsibility to keep it confidential as well and not share with any other third-part or individual or organization. Make sure to keep that information confidential by yourself as well. If you are on a shared computer or public system then it is highly recommended to log out before leaving the website or the service to protect the access of your information from other users. Collecting any Children’s information through SYSGeeker offers special children prvacy needs. Hence, SYSGeeker has adopted a latest policy where we seek not to collect, use or distribute any personal data and information of children whatsoever.


Use of Cookies

SYSGeeker website use “cookies” to allow you to log in to our website and services in order to help you personalize your user experience. A cookie is a very small text file that is placed on your hard drive by an online web page service. Cookies contain information that can be later access by a web server in that particular domain that issues the cookie to you. Cookies cannot be related to viruses that can be run automatically in your computer. SYSGeeker website uses cookies to store information such as your personal preferences and other information on your computer in order to save you a lot of time by eliminating the requirement of repeating the entire same information again and again. It also helps to speed up the user experience by reducing the website load time and help you to display the content that you prefer to read. However, you have the option whether to accept or reject the cookies. All web browsers automatically accept cookies, but if you wish then you may modify the browser settings to reject the cookies or manually choose what to do with the website cookies. However, if you choose to reject the cookies then you may not be able to log in or any certain interactive features of this website and services that may depend on enabling the cookies.


Use of Third party Ad Networks

Most of the online banners and advertisements shown in the SYSGeeker website are displayed by SYSGeeker. However, we also allow related companies that are also known as third-party ad servers or network to display ads on SYSGeeker. Some of this ad networks use the cookies on your computer in order to recognize what kind of products you wish to see. This way, the ad networks may collect a series of preferred data for your better user experience and display only those ads that are related to your requirement. SYSGeeker however, does not have any known information or cookies that may be placed by those third-party ad networds. However, SYSGeeker has a strict zero tolerance Anti-Spam policy prohibiting the use of customer accounts and their personal information for Spamming. SYSGeeker will never disclose, sell or rent its email subscribers list to any third-party individuals or organizations.



SYSGeeker remains consistent with updating and reviewing its Privacy Policy from time to time. Please feel free to contact us directly if you have any concerns regarding it policies or terms of conditions by contacting us through this website. Whenever, we receive any formal complaints, it is our duty to address it immediately for our users benefits. We will cooperate with every appropriate regulatory authorities, including the local data protection team to resolve any complaints regarding privacy, personal data protection and data leakage that cannot be resolved by SYSGeeker. Whenever, we change our privacy policy, we immediately notify our users about the reflection of these changes in the customer feedback section.


Contact Us

SYSGeeker – allows and welcome every suggestion, feedback and comments regarding these privacy policies. If you have any concern or question about these statements then feel free to contact us.