License Key FAQs

Faq 1: What to do if I didn't receive the license key after purchase?

This issue rarely occurs. But in case, if you do not receive the license code within an hour then we will suggest you to wait up to 24 hours in case the system gets jammed with overloaded operations. However, if you need it immediately then go ahead and contact the support team providing your purchased email address and we should be working out something for you urgently.


Faq 2. The registration code is invalid or fails to register, what should I do?

First make sure, you have purchased the correct product. Second, check if you are copying the full license code or not. We will recommend you to write it exactly the same way it is provided to you. The license codes are case sensitive, so not miss that part either. Third, if the issue still persists then contact our support team immediately and we will help you our ASAP. Fourth, Make sure the internet connection of your modem is not dead because the registration process requires a working internet connection for the registration process to complete.

Faq 3. Does the license code can be used twice?

The license codes can be used at most 3 computers, if you wish to use it on more computers then the license code won't work. In that case, we will recommend buying the multi-user license code or else make a fresh purchase from the new computer.


Faq 4. Can I change the delivery method?

The straight forward answer would be "NO". We do not have any other ways to deliver the product except sending it to your registered email. We can only deliver it electronically as all the product are digital in our company.

Faq 5. What if I lost my license key?

Sometime you may reinstall your system and your license key is lost, don't worry. Just contact our support team and offer your purchase-email, then we will check your order history in our system, and will send to you again.