Refund Policy

We commit to provide our clients and customers with the most professional as well as user-friendly software along with the top class technical support services. We hired the most professional and dedicated support staff around the world to assist our customers in time of their needs. We do offer the trial version for all SYSGeeker software absolutely for free to see if it fulfils requirement or not. Hence, every single customer can first download the free trial version of the software in their computer, use it and then decide whether they wish to upgrade it to the full version or not before finalizing the purchase.


However, in rare cases, if our clients have purchased software from SYSGeeker and they do not find it fully satisfactory then you can read the following refund policy to see if you are qualified for a refund. Make sure to process it within 30 days of your purchase.


Try Before You Buy

To ensure that our products are fully up to your expectation, we first allow all of our customers a trial version of all the products for no cost at all. Any customer can download the trial version from our website to check if it satisfies their requirement or not. This helps to avoid any kind of unsatisfactory consequences after upgrading the software to the full version.


Acceptable Refund Circumstances

If you believe you are eligible and qualify to request a refund then we will recommend claiming your refund request within 30 Days of the product purchase date. That’s the final deadline to get your money back. Refunds will be approved with the guarantee time only and will not be entertained after it exceeds it even for a single day.


We would certainly offer a full refund on the following circumstances –

1. If you purchase a wrong product by mistake from SYSGeeker and then buy the correct product from our website within 30 days. In that case, we will refund you for the wrong product, no questions asked.

2. If you have purchased the same product two or more time for payment glitches. In that case, we will refund you for every duplicate purchase made by your payment processor.

3. In case if you do not receive the registration or license code within an hour and do not receive any response from our dedicated support staff. In that case, a full refund will be granted.

4. If the SYSGeeker product faces a fatal technical issue that even our technical team couldn’t resolve it for you. In that case, we will refund the full amount within 30 days.


Unacceptable Refund Circumstances

We request every customer to download the free trial version of the products before purchasing them to avoid any kind of dissatisfaction, misunderstanding, product compatibility issues or any other product related dissatisfaction. Additionally, it helps the customer to check if they are buying the wrong product. The trial versions are absolutely free and will give you a demo of what the software are capable of doing.

However, due to special circumstances, this process may get delayed due to internet issue, recipient spam filter settings, email mistype, etc. In that scenario, customer should visit the SYSGeeker Support Center to recollect the license code again, the Support team usually replies within 24-48 hours or sooner depends on the availability of agents, weekends or festivals.


1.Failure of SYSGeeker product registration due to lack of computer knowledge. For instance, inputting the wrong license code or enter the correct license code in a different SYSGeeker product or may be disrupted internet connection during the product registration.


2.Purchase of the “Wrong” Product. We understand that SYSGeeker provides various software and products and you may have downloaded or purchased the wrong license code. Do not worry, in that case, you can exchange the license code within the purchased product’s guarantee period. SYSGeeker is not liable to provide any refund in that case, however, we could provide you a handsome discount for purchasing the right product.


3.SYSGeeker is not liable to refund you if you have bought the wrong product and then go to a competitor and purchase the correct product. In that case, SYSGeeker will not grant the refund request neither will they be liable to offer you any concession either.


4.Purchasing any product providing the wrong e-mail address but refuse to the buy the product again with correct e-mail address. We will recommend everyone to double-check the email address before buying our product. The license are sent to the registered email only. SYSGeeker will not be liable refund in such cases.


5.If a customer has purchased a similar product from a competitors and claims to return the product to SYSGeeker.

6.The product was not purchased from the official SYSGeeker website. If you have bought the software from other Trojan or duplicate websites then SYSGeeker will not issue any refund at all.

7.A refund is request due to credit card fraud activities or unauthorized payments. In that case, you should immediately contact the credit card company instead of SYSGeeker.


8.If a customer changes their mind after purchasing the software. That’s why we allow you to download free trials before making the final decision.

9.If a customer doesn’t provide a valid reason after purchasing the software.

10.If the customer does not upgrade the software even after an update was made available.

11.If the customer request a refund for technical problems but declines to co-operate and communicate with the SYSGeeker support staff to get it resolved immediately. SYSGeeker support team is highly trained to resolve any issue regarding to their products. We request you to communicate with them and get the technical issue resolved.


How to Apply for a Refund

It’s quite simple. Just send a refund request to our payment department email at Refund will be processed within 3-5 working days. After the refund process is completed, we will destroy the license code and you are welcome to remove the software from your computer system.