How to Fix Boot Camp Assistant Quit Unexpectedly

When you try to install Windows on a Mac using Boot Camp Assistant, you may get the following error message: “Boot Camp Assistant Quit Unexpectedly.” This error can be caused by a number of factors, including outdated software, corrupt files, and incompatible hardware. Here are some tips to help you avoid this error and successfully … Read more

How to Fix: Boot Camp Assistant Failed to Load Bootmgr?

Boot Camp is a Mac utility that lets you run Windows on your Mac without relying on virtual machines or dual-booting. Boot Camp Assistant is the utility that helps you create a Windows partition on your Mac, and then install Windows. If you’re seeing the “Boot Camp Assistant failed to load Bootmgr” error, it means that … Read more

How to Fix: BootCamp Assistant Not Recognizing USB

Why BootCamp Assistant Is Not Recognizing USB Drive? There are a few potential reasons that BootCamp Assistant might not be recognizing a USB drive: 1. The drive might not be formatted correctly The drive might not be formatted correctly. BootCamp Assistant requires that drives be formatted as MS-DOS (FAT) in order to be recognized. The … Read more

How to Turn Off Location on Facebook Messenger

In an article on IP localization, a visitor recently told me about his geolocation problems on the social network Facebook. This guy has an odd problem with the geolocation of his publications, Facebook locates him in Aquitaine, Brittany, Limousin or Lorraine, while he lives in Picardy… So I suggest him to disable geolocation of his … Read more