How to Create A Linux Bootable USB on Mac?

What is Linux? Linux is a free, open-source operating system that was created in 1991 by Finnish programmer Linus Torvalds. Unlike proprietary operating systems like Windows and macOS, Linux is not controlled by a single company or individual. Instead, it is developed by a community of programmers and is available for anyone to use or … Read more

How to Change Default Browser on Macbook?

The default web browser on Mac is Safari, but there are many other options available. Some people prefer to use a different browser because it has more features, or because it is faster. Others may find that a different browser works better with their favorite websites. If you are not happy with Safari, there are … Read more

Top 14 Best PDF Editor for Mac Reviews 2022

A PDF editor is a program that allows you to edit PDF files. PDF files are usually read-only, meaning that you cannot make changes to them without using a special program. PDF editors allow you to change the text, images, and layout of a PDF file. There are many reasons why you might need to … Read more

How to Take A Screenshot on Macbook Pro?

There are many reasons why you might need to take screenshots on your Mac. Maybe you want to capture a screenshot of a high score in a game, or document a bug you’re experiencing with an app. Maybe you need to include a screenshot in a work report or presentation. Whatever the reason, taking screenshots … Read more

How to ZIP A File and Folder on Mac with Password?

What’s ZIP file? A ZIP file is an archive that contains one or more files that have been compressed or “zipped” using a ZIP compression algorithm. ZIP files are often used to distribute large files or collections of files because they can be created and decompressed quickly and easily. There are a few reasons why … Read more

How to Download Video with Blob URL

Know About Blob Video A blob video is a type of video file that uses a BLOB (Binary Large Object) to store the video data. BLOBs are typically used to store data that is either too big or too small to be stored in a traditional file format. Blob videos have several advantages over traditional … Read more