Top 6 Alternatives to Opera Speed Dial for Quick Access to Favorite Websites

Opera Speed Dial has been quite a convenient feature for users trying to quickly access their favorite websites without the need for multiple clicks. It allows users to customize and configure their start page with the frequently visited websites, providing easy access to them while opening up the browser. However, some users may not be satisfied with the Speed Dial feature’s limited features and may want alternatives that provide improved performance. In this blog post, we will focus on some of the top alternatives to Opera Speed Dial that one can use for quick access to their favorite websites.

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What is Opera Speed Dial?

Opera Speed Dial is a feature of the Opera web browser that enables users to customize a start page with their frequently visited websites as thumbnails. Upon opening the browser, the Speed Dial page appears, displaying the chosen website thumbnails. It enables users to quickly access their preferred websites without needing to type in the URL, reducing the time and effort needed to access the website. Users can modify the number of websites displayed, add new pages, and choose thumbnails for each page, making it a personal and customizable feature.

Top Alternatives to Opera Speed Dial

1. Speed Dial 2

Speed Dial 2 is an extension available for Chrome and Firefox, which allows users to customize their new tab page with their saved bookmarks and frequently visited websites. Speed Dial 2 is ideal for users who want better control over their web page’s appearance and personalized themes. It offers several customization options, like font size, background color, and thumbnail size, with different layouts and grouping features. It’s also possible to sync the Speed Dial 2 data across multiple computers, creating a unified experience.


  • Customizable themes and layouts
  • Easy to add or delete bookmarks/websites
  • Syncing across multiple devices


  • Not available for the Opera browser
  • Can slow down the browser at times
  • Limited features in the free version

2. FVD Speed Dial

FVD Speed Dial is a free extension available for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera that allows users to customize their New Tab Page based on their browsing history, frequently visited websites, or saved bookmarks. It enables users to create multiple dials/screens, providing ample space for the necessary websites and bookmarks. Additionally, FVD Speed Dial includes features like cloud sync and backup, quick access to extensions, and the ability to import/export settings, configurations, and bookmarks.


  • Multiple dials/screens available
  • Ability to import/export settings and bookmarks
  • Offers cloud synchronization and backup


  • May have too many options for some users, which can confuse them
  • Advertisements may be present in the free version

3. is a browser extension that provides personalized bookmarking and personalized start pages. It allows users to customize their start page with frequently visited websites, calendar, notes, RSS feeds, and to-do lists. It offers numerous customization options to make your page aesthetically appealing and efficient, such as adding backgrounds, themes, and layouts. The application-syncing ability makes it possible to access your account from any device.


  • Easy to use, with drag-and-drop features
  • Accessed through a user’s browser, so no software installation is necessary
  • Multiple types of widgets available


  • The free version has some limitations, such as a limited number of RSS feeds and widgets
  • Premium features might be expensive for users on a budget

4. is a great web app that has an impressive user interface. It enables users to build a unique start page and allows them to customize their New Tab Page with their frequently visited websites and bookmarks. It offers several customization options, including background customization, layout adjustments, and color schemes. Users can easily add links to their favorite websites, and it is possible to categorize them for easy sorting.


  • Easy to use, with a straightforward interface
  • Users can add multiple tabs to their start page
  • The customization options are robust for a free application


  • The syncing options are limited
  • The free version has advertisements on the page
  • No option to change the thumbnail size of displayed websites

5. Papaly

Papaly is an easy-to-use bookmarking application that provides personalized start pages for users. It offers thumbnail previews of the most frequently visited websites and bookmarks, with options to customize the background, colors, and font styles. Users can easily create categories to group the links and utilize the multiple tabs feature to organize their website bookmarks. It also has an extension available for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera, making it cross-platform.


  • Allows multiple tabs, and users can create endless tab groups to organize their bookmarks
  • Customization options for themes are vast and fun to use
  • Syncing options with Google and online account versions available


  • No clear instructions about the upgrade process when considering making a purchase
  • The mobile version sometimes has functionality issues while bookmarking
  • No analytics or reporting for tracking, managing, or analyzing bookmarks

6. Quick Dial

Quick Dial is a lightweight, customizable extension available for Chrome that offers a personalized start page. It’s a straightforward application that allows users to customize their new tab page with their frequently visited websites, and it provides easy access to online tools like weather forecasts, computer hardware statistics, and more. It provides extensive customization options such as background and layout options. Users can choose from several predefined themes to enhance their apps’ aesthetics.


  • Lightweight extension; does not slow down the browser
  • Offers a clean, uncluttered user interface
  • Custom themes are available for users to choose from


  • Only available for the Chrome browser
  • No syncing abilities available
  • Not yet available for Firefox or Opera browsers

Comprehensive Comparison of Each Software

Software Free Trial Price Ease-of-Use Value for Money
Speed Dial 2 N/A Free / $2.50 per month Easy Good
FVD Speed Dial N/A Free / $1.99 per month Easy Good 14-day free trial €20 per year Easy Good N/A Free / $1 per month Moderate Good
Papaly N/A Free / $4.99 per month Easy Moderate
Quick Dial N/A Free Easy Good

Our Thoughts on Opera Speed Dial Alternatives

Each of the six alternatives above provides unique features and functionalities that make them an excellent option for quick access to frequently visited websites. Speed Dial 2 provides the best balance of features, ease-of-use, and value for money. offers a comprehensive solution with numerous widgets while FVD Speed Dial and offer robust customization options. Papaly provides an excellent cross-platform option while Quick Dial provides a simple and lightweight alternative.

FAQs about Opera Speed Dial Alternatives

Q: Can I use Speed Dial 2 on my mobile device?

A: Speed Dial 2 is only available as an extension for desktop browsers and is currently not available for mobile devices.

Q: Is it possible to sync my FVD Speed Dial browser data across my devices?

A: Yes, FVD Speed Dial provides cloud-sync and backup options, allowing users to sync their browser data and settings across multiple devices.

Q: How many browser tabs can handle?

A: does not have a specific limit on the number of browser tabs users can add. However, adding too many browser tabs may affect the page’s load time and performance.

Q: Can I import bookmarks saved in from other browsers?

A: Yes, allows users to import bookmarks from various web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer.

Q: Are my Papaly bookmarks secure?

A: Yes, user data and data encryption are built into Papaly’s foundation. Papaly values its users’ safety and strives to provide the best possible protection for user information.

In Conclusion

Opera Speed Dial is an excellent feature provided by the Opera browser, but users may want more powerful alternatives that provide better features and customization options. The six alternatives to Opera Speed Dial listed above offer unique features, functionality, and customization options that make them excellent options for quick access to frequently visited websites. We hope this blog provided you with sufficient information to choose the appropriate alternative that meets your needs and preferences.