Bitwar HEIC Converter Review – Your One-Stop Solution for Converting HEIC Files.

Are you tired of not being able to open HEIC image files on your computer? Look no further than Bitwar HEIC Converter. This software allows you to easily convert HEIC files into more commonly used formats such as JPG or PNG, making them accessible on any device.

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What’s Bitwar HEIC Converter?

Bitwar HEIC Converter is a software designed to help users convert HEIC files into different formats that are more universally accepted. The HEIC file format was introduced in 2017 by Apple for its iOS 11 update. While it is an efficient and high-quality format, it can only be opened on devices that support it, which leaves many users unable to access their photos. Bitwar HEIC Converter solves this problem by quickly and easily converting HEIC files into JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, and GIF formats.


Bitwar HEIC Converter is a free software, which makes it a cost-effective solution for converting HEIC files.


The software has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate. Users can drag and drop their HEIC files onto the software, or they can select them from their computer. Once the files are loaded, users can choose from several output formats. There are also options to adjust the image size, quality, and DPI. The software supports batch conversion, allowing users to convert multiple files at once.

Pros & Cons:


– Free
– Easy to use
– Batch conversion
– Multiple output formats
– Adjustable settings


– Limited features
– Only available for Windows

Our Thoughts on Bitwar HEIC Converter

Overall, Bitwar HEIC Converter is a simple and effective solution for anyone who needs to convert HEIC files. While it may not have all the bells and whistles of more advanced software, its ease of use and free price point make it a great option for most users. We appreciate the ability to adjust settings and convert multiple files at once, which saves time and effort.

What Bitwar HEIC Converter Identifies

Bitwar HEIC Converter identifies a common problem that users face when trying to access HEIC files on non-Apple devices. While the HEIC format may be efficient, it limits accessibility, which can be frustrating. This software aims to solve that problem by providing a quick and easy way to convert HEIC files into different formats, making them accessible to anyone.

How to Use Bitwar HEIC Converter?

1. Download and install Bitwar HEIC Converter from the official website.
2. Launch the software and drag and drop your HEIC files onto it, or click "Select Photo".
3. Choose your desired output format from the drop-down menu.
4. Adjust settings such as image size, quality, and DPI if desired.
5. Click "Convert" to start the conversion process.
6. Once the conversion is complete, click "Open Folder" to view your converted files.

Alternatives to Bitwar HEIC Converter

While Bitwar HEIC Converter may be a great option for many users, there are several alternatives to consider.

1. iMazing HEIC Converter

Price: Free

iMazing HEIC Converter is a free software that allows users to easily convert HEIC files into JPG or PNG formats. It also supports batch conversion and adjustable settings.

Download Link: Download Link

2. Apowersoft Free HEIC Converter

Price: Free

Apowersoft Free HEIC Converter is a free software that can convert HEIC files into JPG or PNG formats. It also allows users to adjust image quality and size.

Download Link: Download Link

3. CopyTrans HEIC for Windows

Price: Free trial, $19.99 for full version

CopyTrans HEIC for Windows is a software that not only converts HEIC files, but also allows users to view and organize them on their computer. It supports conversion to JPG, PNG, and PDF formats.

Download Link: Download Link

5 FAQs About Bitwar HEIC Converter

Q1: Is Bitwar HEIC Converter really free?

A: Yes, Bitwar HEIC Converter is completely free to use.

Q2: Will Bitwar HEIC Converter work on Mac?

A: No, Bitwar HEIC Converter is currently only available for Windows.

Q3: Can I convert multiple files at once with Bitwar HEIC Converter?

A: Yes, Bitwar HEIC Converter supports batch conversion.

Q4: What output formats does Bitwar HEIC Converter support?

A: Bitwar HEIC Converter supports conversion to JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, and GIF formats.

Q5: What if I need additional features that Bitwar HEIC Converter doesn’t offer?

A: Consider one of the alternative software options mentioned above or look for a more advanced software that meets your needs.

Final Thoughts

Bitwar HEIC Converter is a great option for anyone looking for a simple and free way to convert HEIC files. Its ease of use and batch conversion feature make it a convenient option for users who need to convert multiple files at once. While it may not have all the features of more advanced software, it certainly gets the job done and saves users time and effort. For those who need more advanced features, there are several alternative software options available to consider.